Monday, February 4, 2008

Sixteen Years Ago

Yesterday I got up to work on my V2989 top some more, but I got all distracted and ended up taking pictures of a couple of things I made over 16 years ago. I've asked for a critique of the blue suit at Stitcher's Guild, and I'll repeat that request here:

Hello, I would appreciate comments on this suit, which I made over 16 years ago.

I've recently gotten back into sewing and I'd like to avoid some of my mistakes as I move forward.

Having said that, I can't believe I made this. Even a welt pocket! I was too afraid to put one into DD's hunt jacket, and I had already made one. The flaps were messed up, but the actual welts were fine.

I over pressed with a bad iron, I didn't use much interfacing, and cheap pellon where I did (buttons show this), I made my own lining for the skirt and it is too small, plus I sewed the hems of the skirt and lining together. Not sure if I'd do that again, it is doing funny stuff around the hem. This was before I realized that wool can shrink even if dry cleaned, no pre-shrinking in those days. I think that may be some of the problem.

The jacket is from Vogue 2538, a Christian Dior pattern (I'll post it as soon as I scan it in), and the skirt is from Style 4784.

Here is a link to my Picasa web album, with many shots of the jacket and skirt:

I'm self-taught, and hope to get to a class soon. They tend to be held in the evening during the week, which is difficult for me to make. Until then, I would appreciate comments and suggestions. Thanks!


Marjie said...

I couldn't tell from your pictures if you have buttonholes on the inside of this jacket, so it buttons in 4 places - is that question clear? Also, maybe the shoulder pads should go, for a more feminine line. (My husband wouldn't let me wear shoulder pads back then - said he didn't want to be married to a football player). Maybe you could detach the lining from the skirt hem so the hang is a little nicer. I do like this color, and the jacket style is nice.

Elle said...

Hi marjie, you're right, it buttons in 4 places. I've pretty much accepted that this is a garment with, at best, historical significance and that it must just remain as is, although I do like your idea of detaching the lining from the skirt hem. If that works, I'll give some serious thought to taking apart the lining and replacing the shoulder pads. First I have to continue with my Pilates classes so that all of this effort is worthwhile!