Friday, May 30, 2008

Meme! (I guess it is called that because it's all about "me".)

I went to visit Claire's blog at to catch up with her sewing and related thoughts, and found that she was so kind to think of me to tag for a meme, so here goes.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was working as a slave, I mean "associate", at a law firm doing round the clock projects while my daughter repeatedly watched the entire Star Wars trilogy (the three good ones) and had pizza with the staff, then went to sleep curled up at my feet. This was fine until she started school, so that was the year I stressed about what to do. It all worked out.

2.) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
It is 9:32 p.m. here in beautiful Connecticut (truly a lovely day) so, like Claire, I shall focus on tomorrow:
a) Get allergy shots without having a strong reaction and taking out the tv set on which the kiddies are watching Jiminy Cricket sing Xmas songs in that annoying voice (I kid you not, this happened two Saturdays ago at 8:30 in the morning -- me not happy).
b) Go to the barn and hand graze my horse then do rehab with him for 30 minutes (walk/trot work with a few bucks thrown in because I won't let him canter) while my daughter has a riding lesson. Then I get to walk as she rides her horse around for a nice relaxing trail ride because mine still can't be ridden for more than 30 minutes. Grrr. Soon!
c) Go to Joann's to get clear elastic because I'm sure I'll need it for something; I just read about using it with knits and slinky fabrics.
d) Work on my June Capsule Contest jacket! I just got the acceptance PM from Elizabeth.
e) Make sourdough bread/brie/fig jam sandwiches for my daughter's harp recital on Sunday.

3) Snacks I enjoy:
Dark chocolate Snicker's bars. Found them a Joann's
Callebaut bittersweet chocolate cut up in chunks
Dried, unsweetened mango slices

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Send my daughter to the college of her choice.
Buy that 1000 acre estate in a temperate climate and raise Lusitanos and greyhounds.
Have a lot of help around the barn named Raoul and such.
Invite all of my friends to visit whenever they want, for however long they want to stay.
Travel, travel, travel.
Intense study of couture, fabric, etc.
Donate to WWF, alternative energy projects.

5) Places I have lived
Pennsylvania, Chile, Puerto Rico, New Caledonia, Australia, Connecticut, Colorado, the Middle East, Connecticut.

6.) Jobs I have had:
Since 16:
Restaurant hostess (was a cocktail waitress until they discovered I was only 16)
Dental assistant (boy it's fun assisting a dentist when the patient is wrapped up in chains and giving you that fanatical, homicidal glare while the cops watch every twitch)
Assistant at geochem lab
Writer at technology consulting groups
Author (under a different name)
IT consultant at large insurance company in Connecticut
law clerk at Connecticut Supreme Court
associate at law firm
now in house attorney at large Connecticut energy company (energy prices are only going up, baby -- see above alternative energy plug)

7.) 6 peeps I wanna know more about
There are so many people I'd like to know more about, but have they already been tagged?
Alexandra at because I so admire her style, especially her use of scarves. I'll be copying her there for my JCC entry.
Gigi at because she seems so nice and beautiful and I've found her tutorials so helpful.
Kathleen Fassanella at because she's Kathleen Fassanella -- always interesting.
Elizabeth ("ejvc") who came up with the JCC at and because of her wit. I suspect she is a bit sleep deprived.
Dawn at The Secret Pocket. Her Little Prince coat is gorgeous and her work is impeccable.
New people that I "meet" every day in this fantastic online sewing community.
And of course, Claire, who is a joy to visit fabric shops with. There is a woman who knows her fabric, and how to pull them together. I need to stop buying the same stuff, but how can I when she goes unerringly for the best wool doubleknits? I can't tag her again, but the thought remains.

Next blog entry: My JCC plans based on the Advance pattern below. With pleas for help. Please check back tomorrow!