Friday, April 18, 2008

Fitting & Alterations - Help Needed

It became evident early on in my Timmel SWAP 2008 attempt that I need some serious help with fitting. As Claire notes on her blog, 50 is the new 30 (making me 27), but my figure hasn't recognized this basic fact.

Apparently, I need a broad back adjustment (probably from trying to hold in my 17 hand warmblood), a sway back adjustment, and a full bust adjustment. This I learned in my first fitting class, what will be discovered if we complete all six?

Sadly, my local sewing center closed just two days after that first class, but a few of us have contacted the teacher and will try to carry on. Now that I know how much help I need (yes, ignorance is bliss), I really really need to finish this course.

Predictably, I took about 15 patterns with me to class and chose one of the most complicated as my first effort. Because it is a very fitted vintage style, it demands these alterations. As our instructor said, I probably wouldn't need all of them with a less fitted pattern, but then I need fitted or I look frumpy.

At left is my pattern. Doesn't she look so happy? The joie de vivre, the grace, the cool insouciance (noun the cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you).

Ah, this is why I sew. It really isn't about fit. It is about feel. In this suit, I will carry some of this attitude into work with me, and it'll show.

If I can get it done. First I have to cut off the peplum sleeves to do the FBA, according to THE BOOK. This scares me. At least I traced the pattern first, it is safely back in its envelope.

Until next time,