Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can't Get Enough Plaid

Someone started an interesting thread at Stitcher's Guild with respect to skirts and plaid. Naturally, the topic took off and soon we were discussing everything in plaid.

I even found a dress that I had made over fifteen years ago, which I was so proud of. Then. Now I look at it and mutter bad things to myself, like "80s shoulders" and "bad plaid placement at bodice". Oh well. I still like it.

This got me thinking about plaid, and the wonderful article with great pictures on how to sew with plaids at Timmel Fabrics.

So now I am basing my entire Timmel SWAP 2008 around a swing jacket in a plaid fabric, cut on the bias. I need to take it apart again to use a nice fusible interfacing on it, to keep it from stretching out too much so it will be awhile before I post pictures. In the meantime, I've begun a little library of my own, of pictures of plaid garments for future reference.

My favorite, at the moment, is this one:


Mom2fur said...

I rarely work with plaid since it's a pain to match it, but it sure is beautiful fabric, isn't it? I love your top and skirt, even if you did make it 15 years ago. The colors are gorgeous!

Elle said...

Hello mom2fur,yes, plaid is beautiful. I actually walked away from about 6 bolts of gorgeous Pendleton wool plaids, but they're calling to me so back I go to the store.

I went looking for similar blue fabric, it is really difficult to find it in that shade. I did find quite a bit of blue wool in other shades, including a gorgeous deep blue in a cashmere/wool blend. I wonder what that will become.

I recently got a Janome 6600P and purchased some of the feet for the even feed thingy (really up way too late here), and that should help with sewing up plaids. That and the excellent tutorial on the Timmel site.

Thanks for your comment,