Monday, January 14, 2008

Hunt Jacket - Suitability 5004

This is a hunt jacket made from a Suitability pattern. I made the Women's version. It was my first foray back into the world of sewing after a 15 year hiatus. A bit over the top for a first-time-after-awhile project, especially because it was more complicated than anything I've made before, but much easier than I expected. The Suitability instructions were superb, everything went together perfectly, and the result was more than I had hoped for.

This has to be the most worn UFO on the planet. I literally finished sewing on the snaps (the buttons are "temporarily" sewn on the front of the jacket) before throwing it on my daughter, who then leapt onto her horse and rode into the ring to win her class. An equitation class, where looks do count. I like to think that this jacket played a small role.

Anyway, no lining either, the pieces sit in one of my drawers waiting to be sewn up and inserted. A nice Bemberg fabric. It was wonderful to be able to make her a beautiful, fitted, lightweight jacket out of a lovely wool/rayon blend. Unless you go for top of the line, the riding jackets tend to look very stiff and be as hot as ovens. Even the expensive wool jackets are lined in polyester, unless you go very top of the line.

Now I have to make another for me because she won't let me wear hers anymore. And I need to make us each a dressage jacket. Grrr.

But first, back to my Timmel 2008 SWAP stuff!


a little sewing on the side said...

Nice work Elle! I used a Suitability pattern to sew a hunt jacket for my sister, with good results. I agree, they are good patterns.

Marji said...

Interesting. This is a whole different realm for me, not being a horse rider, I didn't even know there were specialty patterns for this.

You asked on my old SWAP blog if I'd sewn the EvaDress pattern yet - the answer is no, not yet. I need some quality time in the same state as my sister on that one.
I have made up a 50's dress using an EvaDress pattern, and it had some real drafting issues. I believe that Alexandra has since corrected them (I hope), but those repros are straight from the original pattern, so the draft is hit or miss. Could be fantastic, could have issues.

Elle said...

Hi Marji, it looks like you'll get a chance to work with your sister for the SWAP, so I look forward to seeing the EvaDress progress.

Robyn (right?), I'd like to see your version if possible. Somehow I need to find the time to make one of these for me, so more chances to practice with this great pattern. Wish I had time to practice pad stitching on this, it would help with the collar, but . . . . Timmel SWAP 2008 and the rest of life gets in the way of those time-intensive exercises.

needle nose apparel said...

HI Elle!

I just found your blog :) I also live in CT, love to cook and sew and have two greyhounds.


Elle said...

Andrea, are you sure you're not me? ~ Elle